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SIR-4160P   In Stock

1/3" High Resolution Built-in Varifocal Lens Black IR LED Camera
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The SIR-4160 is a high resolution IR LED camera that can capture images within 50 meters in extremely low or no lighting using its built-in black IR LED lamps. In addition, it boasts excellent performance in monitoring factory compounds, stores and warehouses using a built-in 3.6X varifocal lens (2.8 ~ 10mm).

• Samsung Techwin's Proprietary Technology W-V DSP for High Resolution Monitoring
W-V, an embodiment of Samsung Techwin's commitment to technological development, is a fifth-generation DSP chipset that enables high resolution of 600TV lines. Samsung Techwin packs quite a bit of technology into the small chip to deliver unmatched cost-effectiveness. The chip features SSNRIII กฐimage noiseกฑ elimination using upgraded 2D/3D filtering to ensure clear images in the darkness, day & night, SSDR, HLC highlight backlight compensation, image stabilization, multiple language OSD and other highend features.

• Superb Color Image Quality at 600TV lines Resolution!
Thanks to the DSP W-V chipset, Samsung Techwin's Proprietary Technology, the SIR-4160 boasts stable and precise image processing, delivering high-quality images with a color resolution of 600TV lines.

• 0Lux, No Additional Illumination required
With built-in high performance IR LEDs, the SIR-4160 can capture even tiny movements in complete darkness.

• Equipped with High Performance Black IR LED
Using high-performance black IR LEDs, which are four times brighter than normal ones, the SIR-4160 clearly detects objects in the dark with low power. In addition, you can set the number of LEDs used from 16 to 32 to brighten an object's surroundings.

• Dustproof & Waterproof
The SIR-4160 has a perfect waterproof and dustproof design, performing superbly in all-weather conditions.

• Easy-to-Use Standalone Camera
The SIR-4160 is a standalone outdoor camera that can be installed instantly without the hassle of housing.

• SSDR (Samsung Super Dynamic Range)
• Built with a 3.6X, 2.8-to-10-millimeter varifocal lens

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